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Olia Sosnovskaya

„Exhaustion is a practice“

This workshop addresses the notion of political movement and its exhaustion, focusing on political events and festivities. It will engage with texts, documents and personal experiences focusing on protest gestures and choreographies through collective writing, reading, and movement practice. Shifting between mass gatherings and intimate gestures, uprisings and celebrations, bodily movement and its interruption, the workshop invites us to approach political movements through a notion of movement score, questioning the linear temporality of the revolutionary event(s).

Olia Sosnovskaya is an artist, writer, and organiser (Vienna / Minsk). She works with text, performance, and visual arts, intertwining the notions of festivity, collective choreographies, and the political. She is a PhD-in-Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She presented her works at e-flux (New York), HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Tanzquartier Wien(Vienna), Centrale Fiès (Drò), and PACT Zollverein (Essen), among others.

Marold Langer Philippsen

Just as energy can be interpreted broadly as different aggregate states of various materials interacting, there are the most diverse forms in and with radio. 

So I can imagine a breakfast radio, an acoustic concert, a late-nite format, and much more. 

Crank radios are used, which only run as long as their dynamo supplies them; yogurt pots with the long stretched string between them, which are lovely for communicating; various small and large radio stations (which I bring along, of course). An oscillating radio apparatus could be created for the workshop days, which would convey much more than „just radio“ to all participants. We will create various radio content and broadcast it in various ways. Let´s hear what is in the radio, too. 

Marold Langer-Philippsen, born in Munich, lives in Europe, works as radio/media artist, director, performer, stage/exhibition designer and musician in the fields of time-based arts with particular attention to public space, performance and live broadcast since 1984.  His radio and sound art works were created for community radios in Europe, Public Broadcast Stations in Germany, Austria and Slovakia, Ars Electronica Linz and São Paulo Art Biennial.
His performance works were presented throughout Europe, in the Middle East, South America and Australia.