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Sound Topographies @ Josefov Fortress

July 21, 2023

Eva Vozárová & Fero Király: Sound Topographies @ Josefov Fortress

Sound walk / Acoustic intervention

Go out and listen. Sound Topographies are a series of site-specific events with a simple intention: to listen to the world and the soundscape that forms its acoustic exoskeleton. Listening creates space for new questions. By listening, we observe and study the acoustic manifestations of the landscape and its sound quality. We map the world, discover acoustic spaces, and seek connections with different fields of natural sciences and humanities.

The Sound Topographies project has been developed by Slovak artists Eva Vozárová and Fero Király since 2022 as a series of acoustic interventions created for various sonically interesting environments. It contributes to the theme of acoustic ecology—the musical and sonic perception of the world. The project addresses our only world, which we all change much more and faster than all natural processes combined. It is also related to the contemplation of spaces historically designed and built for music and listening.

Fero Király is a musician, coder, and educator with a weakness for interdisciplinary projects. He is the co-founder of JAMA and the ooo Association. Although he is best known as a piano performer of contemporary classical music (Philip Glass, Steve Reich, etc.) and a founding member of the Cluster ensemble, he also has a keen interest in open-source digital technologies, sound art, and various overlapping art forms.

Eva Vozárová is a freelance dramaturg, performer, and cultural manager. She co-founded the art association ooo and the intermedia project JAMA in the context of the personality of Milan Adamčiak, where she curates and creates sound art and intermedia art.

Concept and realization: Eva Vozárová, Fero Király

Duration: approximately 50 minutes