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Connective energy, collective resilience

This workshop examines social-ecological resilience as a precondition for sustainability in the context of the main topic of this summer school – energy. By using collaborative scenario building methods, including anticipatory and imaginative tools, we will explore societal capacities for building resilience. We will work with these scientifically identified critical factors such as learning to live with change and uncertainty; nurturing diversity for reorganisation and renewal; combining different types of knowledge for learning; and creating opportunities for self-organisation toward social–ecological sustainability. During our co-creation, we will look at the energy from different perspectives and time or spatial scales to enhance skills which can support connecting individuals and emerging our collective resilience.

Lenka Suchá is a researcher at Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. She explores sustainability transformation across contexts, especially in the region of south Africa. Her work builds on transdisciplinary principles and approaches.

Anna Bromová is a PhD student at Masaryk University and at the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Science. Anna works at points of intersection where design meets community, environment and system change. Her transdisciplinary research is focused on social-ecology resilience and transition design.